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QUESTIONS: Schedule Appears Blank to Clients

Most likely, it is just before the start of a semester, and you have set a "number of days in the future available for scheduling," and your starting date is farther in the future than that number of days:

If you normally allow students to make appointments a specified number of days ahead using the "number of days in the future available for scheduling" in Schedule Management, your starting date might be that far, or farther, in the future.

Suppose you normally allow appointments seven days in advance. When you are logged in as an administrator, you can see the whole schedule. Mid-semester, a client logs in and can see a week ahead on your schedule. But, if is is now August 15, before the fall semester, and a client logs in, the client can see only up to August 22. If your schedule starting date is after that--such as on September 3--the client sees only days that are not open yet. The schedule appears "blank" or "missing," because the client cannot see any open days.

If you would like clients to be able to see farther ahead for now, allow them to access more days and then, later on, change the setting back to your original number of days. Or wait until closer to the schedule's starting date to tell clients they can make their own appointments.

If instead, you set up a new schedule and made it available only to administrators, clients might be seeing an older (not yet hidden, and probably default) schedule:

Go into Schedule Management, and edit the current schedule to make it available to everyone, and also make it the default schedule. Then edit and hide the older schedule.

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