Schedule View, Navigation and Options

QUESTIONS: Current Day on Top and Monday Through Friday

There are options in Schedule Management to show the week with the current day on top (which is the most common and usually what we recommend) or the week always with Monday on top (which is useful for some centers).

Semesters, especially the fall, tend to start on a day mid-week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday. When you log in and go to the default schedule (or select a schedule from the login page), and the schedule's starting date is in the future, you are taken to the schedule's starting date--which temporarily trumps your selection of which day of the week to display on top. (This is so that you see your schedule quickly and do not see blank weeks when you first log in.)

For example, if you have a fall semester starting on Tuesday, September 6, so your schedule is all set up with a starting date of Tuesday, September 6, and you log into your site on Friday, September 2 and go directly to that new schedule, you will see Tuesday, September 6 on top--which is neither the current day nor a Monday.

This means the schedule display is working properly, because you are taken to the schedule's first open day, which is in the future. Neither the "with the current day on top (recommended)" selection nor the "always Monday through Friday" selection is failing.

As soon as the schedule's first open day is no longer in the future--on Tuesday September 6 or anytime later that week, you will start seeing either the current day on top or Monday on top.

If you select a date from the small popout calendar, that date will be, and is supposed to be, on top, regardless of your setting in Schedule Management.

And, if you use the "stay logged in" option on the login page, and you have bookmarked a too-long URL for WCONLINE® or your browser fills a lot of information after your WCONLINE® URL, you might go to a specific, and sometimes irrelevant, date. For example, on our demo, this...

...goes to the login page, or, if you use "stay logged in," to the current day on the schedule.

This--which a browser might fill to try to "help" you...

...goes to December 1, 2015.

If you go to a specific date in the past, that means you viewed that date at some point and your browser saved its specific URL. This has nothing to do with WCONLINE®, options in Schedule Management, or any problem with your schedules. Retype your WCONLINE® URL, making sure the URL ends with ".com" or ".net" and eliminate any additional text after the ".com" or ".net."

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SECTION 1: Schedule Options and Colors

SECTION 2: Schedule Selection, Welcome, Date Navigation

SECTION 3: Schedule/Blackouts Toggle

SECTION 4: Top Left Icons and Help Menu

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SECTION 6: Waiting List

SECTION 7: Pencil Icon

SECTION 8: Waiting Room (Using the Time Clock)

SECTION 9: Announcements on the Schedule

SECTION 10: Center Description and Web Links

SECTION 11: A Note on the Time Clock

SECTION 12: QUESTIONS: Schedule Appears Blank to Clients

SECTION 13: QUESTIONS: Current Day on Top and Monday Through Friday

SECTION 14: QUESTIONS: Grayed-Out Time Slots

SECTION 15: QUESTIONS: Days are Missing or Closed