Card Reader Information

WCONLINE® allows card readers for logins and for clocking in and out. The card reader has to be physically attached to a computer, and that computer's IP address has to be entered in Global System Settings.

If you are comfortable with enabling and trying out the card reader functions, and do not have time to go through detailed instructions right now, go to Global System Settings, find "Enable Card Reader Support," paste in your IP address and save. Connect your card reader. Then the login page and results of scanning a card will provide instructions as you go.

If you are new to WCONLINE® and just getting your site set up with personalized questions, your schedule, etc., note that the card reader, as well as time clock, LDAP and single sign-on methods mentioned here are optional and not required for use of WCONLINE®. However, they might be convenient for your center, especially if you have a lot of walk-ins or students are accustomed to using their university logins and student ID cards everywhere on campus. As always, please let our support team know if you have any questions about any features and their use!

The screen shots in this chapter are from our demo, where the contact information is for support and sales. On your own site, the contact information is for your center and uses the email address entered as the "system email" in Global System Settings.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Purchasing a Card Reader

SECTION 2: Connecting and Using a Card Reader

SECTION 3: Enable Card Reader Support

SECTION 4: Card Reader Login View

SECTION 5: Attach or Log In

SECTION 6: If Someone Needs to Register

SECTION 7: Card Scan With Time Clock

SECTION 8: Card Reader with LDAP or SSO