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Text-Only & Mobile


WCONLINE includes a text-only and mobile that is very quick to use on mobile devices and that is completely screen-reader friendly. Navigation in the text-only and mobile area can be done on a touch screen, traditional desktop or laptop, and/or using the tab key and keyboard. All fields and links are labeled correctly for screen-reading programs, all drop-downs and calendars are text-only for screen-reading programs, and the client search is screen-reader friendly. The link for administrators to use the full site takes administrators to the Master Listings Report, which is also text-only, as all selections are in drop-downs, the client search, and the same calendars, and also with correctly-labeled buttons and links.

Regarding accessibility in general, WCONLINE is compatible with major accessibility software, including screen-reading software. For a student or center staff member using screen-reading software and/or using the tab key to navigate, the text-only and mobile site is a better platform than the graphical scheduler, because it allows all navigation using the tab key and keyboard with only a few steps.

We maintain an up-to-date VPAT and have it available to email upon request. Please email to let us know if you would like our VPAT.

As a note, our description of the text-only scheduler is strongly focused on screen-reading software and navigation using the tab key. Students with accessibility needs not related to vision might choose to use the graphical scheduler for other reasons, such as which display they find more intuitive. In our experience, depending on the center and student demographics, administrators sometimes choose to set specific graphical scheduler options that meet students' needs, such as choosing to have the schedule show the current day on top or Monday on top, making blackout times darker or lighter, requiring or not requiring resource selection by focus, and other options that are built into the program.

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SECTION 5: Full Site on Mobile Devices