Text-Only Scheduler & Accessibility

WCONLINE® is compatible with all major accessibility software, including screen readers. However, for a student using screen-reading software and/or using the tab key to navigate, the text-only scheduler, available from the login page (or from the schedule if using SSO), is a better platform than the graphical scheduler, because it allows quick-appointment making and account- and appointment-management in only a few steps per task.

A basic or full administrator using the text-only scheduler can also enter client report forms for any appointments on the current day that do not yet have client report forms. This allows a tutor to use the text-only scheduler to fill out client report forms soon after appointments but also keeps the list of "appointments without client report forms" short, even if not all tutors are filling them out regularly.

The text-only scheduler is strongly focused on screen-reading software and navigation using the tab key. Students with disabilities not related to vision might find the graphical scheduler easier to understand or might choose the text-only scheduler--whichever they find better for their needs and/or software. Depending on the center and student demographics, administrators take advantage of the graphical scheduler by choosing to have the schedule show the current day on top or Monday on top, making blackout times darker or lighter, adding an announcement, requiring or not requiring resource selection by focus, and other options that are built into the program.

As in other chapters in the manual, the sections here show screen shots of steps within the text-only scheduler. However, the individual using screen reading software will most likely listen to the text. Assuming that you are looking at the screen shots, note that they are not supposed to look "pretty." To help with viewing the screen shots against the manual's text, the screen shots are shadowed, and (like some other screen shots) they may appear small. The text in the text-only area is sharp and solid black on white, and it always displays in the browser's default.

Chapter Sections

SECTION 1: Text-Only: Registration, Login, & Welcome Menu

SECTION 2: Text-Only: Appointments

SECTION 3: Text-Only: Profile & Email Options

SECTION 4: Text-Only: Client Report Forms